Re-treating a Pond with Mosquito Free Water

Re-treating a Pond with Mosquito Free Water

In the following video, we explain the need to retreat ponds, lakes, and all bodies of water on a 2 week basis in order to ensure that the skin of the water doesn’t return, should it return mosquitoes can once again land, if they land they breed and the risk of disease goes up.

This first video is when we treated the pond for the first time.

This second video shows the same pond 2 weeks later as we treat it again with Mosquito Free Water.


2 thoughts on “Re-treating a Pond with Mosquito Free Water

  1. I’m wondering if this product can be used in animal watering tubs? I don’t have a pond, so any standing water is around the house in flower pot saucers and my dogs water.

    1. Yes its perfectly safe for animals, birds, poultry. Any standing water can be treated and its even safe for garden plants and grass.

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