Mosquito Free Water Demonstrations

Mosquito Free Water Demonstrations

Mosquito Water Demonstration

Insects like Mosquitoes need water surface tension In the Pupa stage mosquitoes have a breathing tube they attach to the surface. Adult Mosquitoes need water surface tension in order to lay their eggs. This product removes this water surface tension, so pupa can’t breathe and mosquitoes can’t land and lay their eggs.

Revisiting a Pond 2 Weeks after Mosquito Free Water Treatment

Its been 2 weeks since we treated this particular pond up in Northern Wisconsin with Mosquito Free Water. This video shows how well the effects are on the pond and how to rainwater has helped to further disperse the product into the rest of the lake.

Mosquito Free Water – Lake Side Testing

Testing Mosquito Free Water at a Lake in Upper Wisconsin

Mosquito Tension Free Water

Mosquitoes require water in a number of ways Adults lay eggs on the water surface, Pupa use water surface tension to attach their breathing tube to, Larvae live in the water eating. Mosquito Tension Free Water does what is says on the bottle, it removes the water surface tension, Adults can’t land and lay eggs, eggs can’t float, Pupa can’t breathe. If Adults can’t land they can’t reproduce.

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