Fresh Cuts – Christmas Tree Enhancer

Fresh Cuts – Christmas Tree Enhancer

Keep your real Christmas Tree looking as fresh as the day you took it home!

Fresh Cuts Christmas Tree Enhancer: Longer Lasting & Better Looking

Item# 95500 | Size: 4 fl. oz. | Case Pack: 12

  • Stronger Needles
  • Richer Color
  • Less Needles Shedding
  • Insures Water Uptake
  • Child & Pet safe
  • Made with Natural Enzymes

Christmas Tree Enhancer

Fresh Cuts makes a Christmas Tree be a long lasting tree. Thus, your tree will be as fresh as the day you took it home. Additionally, the tree will have stronger needles. Also, it will have a richer color. Further, it will have less needles shedding. More so, it insures water uptake. Also, it is Child & Pet safe. Lastly, it is made with natural enzymes.

How It Works

How it works: When its first cut it secrets sap to seal the cut which reduces water flow through the tree. Using a natural process, Fresh Cuts stops sap from sealing off the tree trunk and allows the it to continue absorbing water.  This results in your Christmas Tree lasting longer and having the most vibrant colors possible while also shedding less needles. Also, our product is made using natural enzymes that are child & pet safe.

All Natural

Our enhancer is the only product on the market made of all natural, organic, green friendly, chemical free, enzymes. Enzymes are naturally occurring and completely safe for trees, humans, animals, and nature. However, most products on the market use chemicals, which are harmful to trees and humans. We proudly have NO CHEMICALS in our products and only use all natural enzymes!


Directions: Trim bottom of trunk. Cut one quarter of an inch off the bottom of the tree trunk. Add an entire bottle of Fresh Cuts to reservoir. Fill balance with fresh water. Never allow the reservoir to become dry. We recommend using distilled or RO water rather than city tap water.

Our Christmas Tree Enhancer makes the holidays even better! Spend less time cleaning pine needles.

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