Birdbath Protector

Birdbath Protector

Birdbath Protector

Birdbath Protector Pack Sizes

Item# 95563 Size: 4 fl. oz. Case Pack: 24
Item# 95888 Size: 8 fl. oz. Case Pack: 20

Keeps Birdbath Clean and Clear

  • Cleans and Clarifies Water
  • Prevents Stains and Mineral Deposits
  • All Natural Enzymes
  • Pet & Animal Safe

Formulated for outdoor birdbaths that contain approximately two gallons of water or less. Firstly, it keeps water clean and clear naturally through enzymes that prevent stains, organic contaminants, and mineral deposits. Further, our product is safe for all surfaces, wildlife, and pets that may drink from the birdbath. Finally, our product contains non-toxic, bacteria free enzymes.
Usage: One cap-full weekly.

What is it and how does it work?
Our natural enzymes safely break down organic contaminants. Also, they are food grade, non toxic, biodegradable, bacteria free, and 100% green friendly.

Our product is safe for birds and wildlife, when used as directed.

BirdBath Protector prevents: stains, organic contaminants and mineral deposits from forming; making clean-up a simple task with no scrubbing. Debris simply wipes away on contact then replace water as needed (due to evaporation).

The results are clear– a cleaner and healthier birdbath. Birds will LOVE IT!! For best results, start with a clean birdbath. Firstly, add one (1) cap-full of BirdBath Protector to water and mix thoroughly. Also, dirty birdbaths can also benefit from our product. Finally, Birdbath Protector will begin to safely break down organic contaminants and loosen mineral deposits.

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