Pigeon Bath Protector

Pigeon Bath Protector

Pigeon Bath Protector

Item# 94116 Size: 16 fl. oz. Case Pack: 6

Item# 94115 Size: 33.9 fl. oz .Case Pack: 6

Keeps birdbaths free of parasites and disease

  • Cleans away mites, red mites and feather louse
  • Cleans away viral pathogens
  • Tackles Urine and Feces

Helps keep birds healthy

Pigeon Bath Protector

Laboratory studies have shown that parasites affect the health and performance of birds. Body weight, feed efficiency and general health are poorer in birds that are exposed to even small amounts of infestation of parasites. Pigeon Bath Protector is effective in cleaning away parasites. A healthy bird is displays a better demeanor and has a longer lifespan.

Safe for use on all birds.

Our product in an all natural solution to cleaning away fleas, mites and lice. The all natural solutions cleans away parasites without the use of harsh and harmful chemicals.

Our product is an effective in cleaning away parasites, mites, red mites and louse; protecting the health of your birds. Our product is Enzyme based, made from natural ingredients, and has no harsh chemicals.


Pre mix one ounce of the product per once gallon of water. Then, dispense the mixture in the birdbath.

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