How to use Horse Bit Wipes

How to use Horse Bit Wipes

Many horses will simply not take the bit. However, our peppermint flavored wipes stop this behavior. Further, A simple wipe and in pops the bit. Also, these wipes are great for fast clean-ups after rides

Learn how to use our Bit Wipes with this helpful video tutorial!


Thread wipe carefully through pointed cap opening (do not put finger into cap opening). Then, add two ounces (2) of water to canister, prior to use, to reactivate the wipes. Apply wipe to entire bit. Wipe is used as an aid to give the bit a peppermint candy taste. In doing so, the animal should open its mouth to allow placement of bit. For best results, allow the saturation of the product to remain on the surface, no rinsing.

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