Best of Show – Shampoo

Item# 99995 16 oz Refill

Best of Show Shampoo features:

  • Protects birds from pesky bugs
  • Fragrance Free
  • All natural
  • Bacteria Free Enzymes
  • Green Friendly

Shampoo – Best of Show

An all-natural solution to beautify your birds while protecting your flock from pesky bugs.

Our product is fragrance free. Chickens are deducted points in chicken show competitions if they have fragrances. Further, most products cause chickens to smell like ivory joy. But, ours does not cause them to smell like ivory joy as it is fragrance free. Use our product so your competitive show chickens are fragrance free and don’t lose points. Finally, your chickens will be the best of show with our all natural, & fragrance free shampoo.

We are a proud Wisconsin-based company that produces green friendly and green safe products that clean naturally and are safe for children, pets & wildlife.


Place 2 tbs in 4 gallons of warm water. Then, submerge the bird. Then, rub in the direction of the feathers. Finally, use a toothbrush around shanks, feet and under toes.

Preparing Chickens for Poultry Shows

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