Carefree Enzymes Poultry Water Protector

Carefree Enzymes Poultry Water Protector

Poultry Water Protector

Poultry Water Protector Product Codes

Item# 94111 Size: 33.9 fl. oz. Case Pack: 12
Item# 94112 Size: 128 fl. oz. Case Pack: 4

The product works like this:

  • Clean Clear Water
  • Healthier Environment
  • Food Absorption

Poultry Water Protector Provides clean, clear and healthy water and is effective on plastic and galvanized steel waters’. Essential enzymes provide birds with added digestive enzymes for better food absorption. Clean water is essential in maintaining healthy birds. Treats: One ounce treats one gallon.

Poultry Water Protector

Prevents build-up of film, residue and natural contaminants. For all poultry and fowl. Also safe for other livestock water drinkers.

Nothing is more important to the overall health of your flock than clean, clear water. Also, our products provides a unique blend of enzymes that stop film, residue and natural contaminants from affecting the taste and quality of your poultry’s water. Finally, water protector is an all natural solution for keeping your flock’s water supply safe and clean.


Change your bird’s water daily. Firstly, prior to use, thoroughly clean the drinker, fountain, or waterers inside and out, making sure surfaces are thoroughly rinsed and clean of all residue. Then, after refilling with water, add Water Protector at a rate of 7 cap fulls per gallon of drinking water. Also, contents of bottle make approximately 16 gallons of solution. Further, effective for use in plastic, galvanized and heated waterers.

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