Bluebird House Cleaner

Bluebird House Cleaner

All Natural Bluebird House Cleaner

Item# 14425 Size: 16 fl. oz. Case Pack 12

Sanitizes Bluebird Houses and Removes Debris

  • Effective against numerous organic contaminants
  • Cleans and removes dirt, soil and debris
  • Environmentally safe for Birds, Pets & Wildlife

Bluebird House Cleaner

Insures a natural, clean and healthy environment for bluebirds. Further, it is perfect for cleaning bluebird birdhouses. Also, it cleans and removes dirt, soil, inanimate nutrients and organic particulates that contaminate bluebird birdhouses. Finally, it cleans away blowfly larvae, mites, spiders and ants.

Bluebird House Cleaner will remain active for several months during the nesting season, protecting the bluebird house from inanimate organic contaminants.

We make ALL of our products with natural enzymes and plant oils without the use of ANY harsh chemicals. Also, when used as directed, they are completely child & animal safe. Finally, we pride ourselves on making effective products that are safe, natural, & affordable.


After each nesting when young have fledged, remove all nesting material. Then, mix four ounces of the product and half an ounce of dish soap in a gallon of warm water. Next, add ounce ounce of vanilla extract to the mix. Then, with a clean cloth and or brush, wash out the bluebird house. Finally, spray the entire inside of the bluebird house. Also, no rinsing is necessary.

Maintain Healthy Birdhouses and Birdfeeders

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