Goat Wipes – Ear & Facial Wipes

Goat Wipes – Ear & Facial Wipes

Goat Wipes – Ear & Facial Wipes

The Goat Wipes are all natural, organic, chemical free, and green friendly. Further, the Goat Wipes remove oils, dirt and secretions to prevent infections and inflammation. Also, they eliminate unpleasant odors. Further, it dissolves waxy build-up. Additionally, they purify ears from mites.

Item# 94304 7″x8″ wipes 40 Wipes

Hygienic Wipes for Infection Prevention and Parasite Control – Goat Health and Care

  • Cleans away Lice, Mites, Tics and Fleas from Face and Ears
  • Reduces Irritation and Itching
  • All-Natural Odor Eliminator
  • Dissolves Dirt and Grease
  • Helps Prevent Infection
  • Gentle and Safe
  • Promotes Goat Health

Goat Wipes are gentle cleansers made to remove oils dirt and secretion’s, to prevent infections and inflammation

A healthy animal is a happy animal. When goats are healthy they are known to live longer, put on more weight, and produce more milk.

Our wipes aid in reducing irritation or itching on the face and ears, help eliminate unpleasant odors from ears and face, dissolve waxy build-up, and purify ears from parasitic mites. Further, they help ensure the continued health of your animals by reducing infection risk. Also, they improve the demeanor of your animals by reducing irritation. Additionally, Our product is gentle and can be used on Nannies, Billies, and Kids

We make ALL of our products with natural enzymes and plant oils, without the use of ANY harsh chemicals. Further, when used as directed, they are completely child & animal safe.

We pride ourselves on making effective products that are safe, natural, & cost effective.

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