Pond and Fountain Protector

Pond and Fountain Protector

Pond and Fountain Protector

Item# 95562Size: 16 fl. oz.Case Pack: 2

Eliminates Sludge, Ammonia, Cloudy Water, and Mineral Deposits in Ponds

We formulated it for fast moving water and multi-component filtration systems of100 gallons or more. Further, it helps keep aeration/fountain pumps and water lines free from organic buildup for maximum efficiency. Also, we designed our product for water that contains fish and aquatic plants. Further, it prevents mineral deposits from forming and sludge build-up. Also, it is safe for amphibians and aquatic plants. Finally, we made it out of non toxic, all natural, bacteria free enzymes.

Spend more time enjoying your water feature and less time cleaning it!

We make ALL of our products with natural enzymes and plant oils without the use of ANY harsh chemicals. Also, when used as directed, they are completely child & animal safe. Finally, we pride ourselves on making effective products that are safe, natural, & affordable.

Pond and Fountain Protector eliminates sludge, ammonia, cloudy water, and mineral deposits in ponds. Also, it is all natural, safe and is green friendly.

Usage/treats: Bottle treats 6,400 gallons, one cap full per 100 gallons.

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