Poultry – Best of Show Kit – Vinegar

Vinegar – Best of Show Kit

Item# 99996 16 oz Refill

  • Eliminates shampoo residue
  • All-Natural
  • Bacteria-Free Enzymes

Best of Show Kit – Vinegar

An all-natural solution to beautify your birds by removing shampoo residue.

Use our product to get your chickens ready for the poultry show. Firstly, our product eliminates the shampoo residue from Step 1. Also, it is all natural. Further, it is bacteria free. Finally, beautify your birds by removing shampoo residue.

After you add our product into a bucket of water, put your show chicken into the bucket. Then, work your fingers into the fluff, down to the skin. Also, the product cuts soap residue and streaks.

We are a proud Wisconsin based company that produces green friendly and safe products that clean naturally. Further, they are safe for children, pets & wildlife.

Our product will help your chicken be the best in the show!


Add 4 oz. of Vinegar to a new pail of warm water. Then, rinse with the warm water, ensuring to work beneath the fluff to remove all shampoo residue.

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