Carefree Enzymes Pond Builder Starter

Carefree Enzymes Pond Builder Starter

Pond Builder Starter

Pond Builder Starter (Step 1) Product Codes:

Item# 94400 Size: 16 fl. oz. Case Pack: 12
Item# 94500 Size: 33.9 fl. oz. Case Pack: 12

Pond Builder Starter Promotes natural and healthy water

  • Prepares the water for an entire season
  • Removes ammonia, sludge and organics
  • Faster breakdown of contaminants

Creates balanced ecological ecosystem

When ponds are filled with fresh water, bacteria is rarely found. However, our product is a mix of indigenous bacteria, which will seed the bio filter. Also, our product will kick-start the bacteria, resulting in a faster break down of contaminants.

Do you have green and/or cloudy Water? This condition may be the result of poor bacteria growth in the biological filter. First, use our product to restart the biological filter. Then, use Pond & Fountain Protector weekly to feed nutrients into the biological filter. Next, the condition of the pond should improve in a week or two. However, should green water persist, make sure that your biological filter is of the proper size. Also, numerous small ponds have overpopulated fish that exceed the capacity of the filter. Finally, these factors should be taken into account when choosing a filter.

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