Birdbath and Statuary Cleaner

Birdbath and Statuary Cleaner

Birdbath and Statuary Cleaner

Item# 98510 Size: 16 fl. oz.

All purpose, any surface cleaner for birdbaths and fountains

  • Removes Water Lines and Mineral Deposits
  • Odor Remover
  • Removes Organic Contaminants
  • Safe for all Birdbaths

Birdbath and Statuary Cleaner

All purpose, all surface cleaner to eliminate odors and clean away organic contaminants, dirt, & stains such as water lines and mineral deposits.

The perfect natural cleaner for outdoor decorations and water features. Firstly, just spray and wipe away debris such as algae, dirt, and water lines. Also, this product is intended for statues, and other yard decorations such as birdbaths and fountains. Further, it will safely clean ceramic, porcelain, glass, plastic and pottery. Finally, it uses a proprietary blend of all natural enzymes which are safe for children, pets, birds and fish.

Like all of our products, Birdbath and Statuary Cleaner is made from all natural enzymes that are safe for wildlife and the environment.

Spend LESS time scrubbing your birdbath and MORE time enjoying it.


Spray evenly on entire surface. Let product stand for several minutes. Then, wipe clean with damp rag. For stubborn stains and residue: Spray surface, scrub gently, let product stand for several minutes, then rinse with water or hose sprayer.

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